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What We Do

While in the Air Training Corps you will learn:

  • Drill - Learn the teamwork and skills required to move around as a squad or parade in public.
  • Dress and Bearing - Become skilled in reaching high standards of personal presentation.
  • Aviation Studies - Understand aircraft technology and the theory of flight.
  • Bush Craft - Learn the skills and gain the confidence needed to survive in the outdoors.
  • First Aid - Learn how to look after yourself and others in a first aid situation.
  • General Service Knowledge (GSK) - Gain an insight into the RNZAF, the aircraft it flies, what it offers and how it helps the community.
  • Instructional Techniques - Develop skills in passing on knowledge to other cadets.
  • Navigation - Become confident in finding your way on land and in the air.
  • Firearms Training and Marksmanship - Become skilled in safe firearm handling and competition shooting.
  • Leadership - Develop the skills to inspire and motivate others and have the opportunity to use these skills as you move up in the ATC ranking system. Learn how to brief and train others.
  • Radio Procedures - Gain and practice correct military procedures when using radios.

We operate our training programme around a specific training progression, that each cadet will complete, year by year, as they are in 10 Squadron. This progression from a cadet's basic year to advanced is made up of a combination of both theory and practical learning exercises.

We offer NZQA recognized unit standards, these currently include:

  • Aviation Studies
  • Cadet Force Knowledge
  • General Service Knowledge
  • Drill
  • Leadership
  • Bush-craft
  • Firearms Safety
  • Risk Management
  • Report Writing

We also conduct regular weekend long unit camps. These include a range of 'real-world' exercises, ranging from tramping, to larger exercises such as 'Exercise Forest Ranger' and 'Exercise Cold Kiwi'. We also operate an 'Annual Flying Camp', situated either at RNZAF Base Ohakea or Fielding Aerodrome. We also have a range of day long activities as well, ranging from Navigation exercises to Range Shoots and First Aid.

We also annually compete at the Davy Memorial Drill competition which is both judged at both a regional level and national.

We also are involved in a range of NZCF courses.
These include:

  • Junior NCO Leadership Course
  • Senior NCO Leadership Course
  • Under Officer Course
  • National Bush-craft
  • National Gliding
  • National Aviation: Powered Flying
  • National Aviation: Navigation
  • RNZAF Flying Scholarship