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How We Serve

Skills that are used in civilian life that I learnt through the NZCF:

Management Skills

  • Leadership - know how to manage a group properly
  • Teamwork - working with a team effortlessly
  • Communication - negotiating and communicating efficiently and effectively
  • EEO - treat everyone equally
  • Workplace Harassment - knowing how to cope and deal with harassment
  • Conflict Resolution - learning how to deal and resolute issues
  • Employee Welfare - know what your employees need and when they need it

Field Skills

  • RATEL - effective and legitimate radio telecommunication skills
  • Bushcraft - real-life scenario knowledge
  • Maps & Navigation - know how to read and use and map

Planning and Admin Skills

  • Time Management - use time effectively and wisely
  • Administration Skills - organization and communication with colleges/customers
  • Presentation Skills - effectively deliver and convey ideas to a wider audience
  • Risk Management - analyse and deal with known risks
  • Operations Planning - prepare and effectively execute planned operations
  • Policy Interpretation - be able to know the rights and knows of a
  • Objective critiquing - being about to judge a person ability to complete a task